<aside> 💡 Happy Friday yall

Over the last 7 days we’ve had a record amount of new channels signed up to the YPP program, an astounding 2.5k! With >1200 channels verified to Bronze and above now the total YT subscribers count has surpassed 40mln!

Referrals were stronger than ever at >80%. Next week we are releasing referrals page with featuring top referrers and make it even easier to navigate the scheme. Expecting the non-participants of the program partaking in the rewards that we are all receiving already.

Great to see our community growing exponentially bigger and stronger, keep it up!

This week’s payout stats is published below.


Channels Count

Total channels in YPP program 6341 ****(+2516 channels) ****Total YT subscribers ~40 mln (+2.3 mln)

New sign ups by tiers

Verified total - 1271

Diamond - 0 Gold - 6 Silver - 32 Bronze - 1233 Opted out - 53 Suspended - 1158 (mostly channels signing up with 0 videos on their YT channels)

Sign up Rewards Sign up rewards - 3412 USD

Referrals Referred 1017 out of 1227 verified = 82%! Referral rewards - 1489 USD

Sync Total videos synced - 1974 Sync rewards - 617 USD


Total channels paid = 1566

Weekly payout = 5518 USD Weekly payout in = 233,982.1 JOY Exchange rate - 0.023725

Total payout to date in JOY: 6.7 mln