<aside> 💡 Happy Friday yall

Its been two weeks since we’ve release YPP 2.0, and the results are pretty impressive.

We’ve added more than 1k channels over the last week with a total count of 3658 channels in the program with a total YT followers count of 38 mln!!

Also worth mentioning that we’ve retrospectively upgraded the rewards for Bronze tier to be 2$ per sign up and 1$ for referral of such channel. If you are still not sure what that means, you are welcome to read the tiers explanation in the Program Details.

In the meantime we are working on releasing the referrals landing page, early next week which will help to get the info across easier.

Watch this space for more info next week!

This week’s payout stats is published


Channels Count

Total signed up channels 3658 (+1008 channels) ****Total YT subscribers 38.03 mln (+3mln)

Verified total - 2695 Diamond - 33 Gold - 137 Silver - 224 Bronze - 2301

Opted out - 270 Suspended - 692 (mostly channels signing up with 0 videos on their YT channels)

New sign ups by tiers

Diamond - 3 Gold - 15 Silver - 38 Bronze - 529 Suspended - 494

Sign up Rewards Sign up rewards - 2631 USD Total (Including 1106 🥉 Bronze rewards for last 2 weeks)


Referral rewards - 1620.5 USD

****🆕 Non YPP referrers = 150 ****Since we made the referrals available for all channels, there were 150 channels who made use of that feature and referred someone.


Total videos synced - 1974 (last 2 weeks) Sync rewards - 761 USD (last 2 weeks)


Weekly payout (Referrals and sync for 2 weeks) = 5012.5 USD Weekly payout in = 131,364 JOY Exchange rate - 0.02621

Total payout to date in JOY: 6.5mln